Friday, 20 July 2018
Voice Solution for Business

Our voice service for businesses and enterprises is an IP based voice service that provides outgoing calls to domestic and international destinations at very affordable rates with PSTN call quality.

Our service is designed to work with virtually almost any PBX. When bundled together with our Direct Internet Access, we will be able to provide you with a Quality Of Service that mimics any PSTN provider.


The Value We Bring

With our voice solution you will be able to lower down your operational cost for your telecommunication requirement. Of course, giving you better rates does not mean that you have to live with poor call quality. On the contrary, our call quality is PSTN but our rates are VoIP.

PSTN Call Quality

We are connected with Tier 1 telecommunication companies around the globe to provide you with crystal clear, PSTN like, voice call quality. In fact, we even deliver your CLI (Caller Line Identification) to the far end callee. Simply put, whether you call a local number or someone in South Africa, they will see you line number.

The Only Voice Solution That Offers…..


Made With You in Mind

Whether you're using a legacy PBX system or the state of the art IP PBX, our service can invinsibily embed itself into your system with zero hassle. This means that users continue to have the same experience.

Basic Installation Setup - Legacy PBX


Basic Installation Setup - IP PBX


Call Plans

 Our call plans have been designed to keep it simple for you. Select any one of our 3 plans, and we will do the rest. Seriously, it’s that simple. No headaches, No mess!! 

Call Plans for Legacy PBX


Call Plans for IP PBX